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Top Indian Publishing Houses For Debut Authors

Getting published for the first time is more time-consuming than it seems to be.First of all,you have very less idea about the literary world and its separate rules or proceedure and secondly,you are too eager to get published so that your creation can reach out to the maximum audience who can live in your stories.So all of these can make you restless,but hold on!The best things will come on your way. There are a lot of articles,blogs,videos etc. on the traditional publishing houses of India to give you various informations regarding this.And often you will end up getting confused instead of knowing what to do next! As promised I have come up with the list of the top Indian Publishing Houses which you can consider approaching for publishing your debut novel (note that** this list is completely unbiased,based on my own experience and a little bit of research too). And yes,before reading it make sure you are ready with the necessary things needed to send mails to the publish

How to get published in India I am going to discuss the most-discussed topic of the literary world,for the budding authors ,once again and yes,from my point of views and experiences. This article gonna give you a clear picture of the Publishing proceedure in India for the debut authors. Before you look for the publishers make sure-  a)  You have finished your work of writing (be it stories collection/novel/poetry/ collection of poems etc. ).Finishing your work fully  means-  It is edited or proof-read.                & You have finalised your book title and subtitle which justifies the content of your creation. b)  You have a cover letter written by you mentioning the specific details of your book which you need to get published. (You can easily get the format of the cover letter by doing a bit of online research) Once you have done all these ,the most crucial things come- 1) Make a list of Indian traditional Publishing houses (free of cost Publishing,a percentage of royalty