How to get published in India I am going to discuss the most-discussed topic of the literary world,for the budding authors ,once again and yes,from my point of views and experiences.

This article gonna give you a clear picture of the Publishing proceedure in India for the debut authors.

Before you look for the publishers make sure-
 a) You have finished your work of writing (be it stories collection/novel/poetry/ collection
of poems etc. ).Finishing your work fully  means-  It is edited or proof-read.
You have finalised your book title and subtitle which justifies the content of your creation.

b) You have a cover letter written by you mentioning the specific details of your book which you need to get published. (You can easily get the format of the cover letter by doing a bit of online research)

Once you have done all these ,the most crucial things come-

1) Make a list of Indian traditional Publishing houses (free of cost Publishing,a percentage of royalty will be given to you once your book gets accepted and starts selling,the percentage of royalty varies for different publishers) and go through their submission rules.Note those down .

2) Make the required things ready for each publisher(like sample chapters/synopsis/author bio or about yourself etc.).
Different publishers require different things to assess your - some Publishing houses prefer one or two pages of synopsis (summary of your story and there are specific rules to write it),while a few want detailed chapter-wise synopsis etc.
 So you need to make all ready accordingly.This step is a bit tedious one but it's worth doing to make your dreams of getting published come true.

3) Once you are done with step-2,just start e-mailing each publisher separately with the cover letter and the other required things keeping as attachments of the e-mails.

**Note that**-- Cover letter is must and should be put in the body of the e-mail.While rest of the things like synopsis,sample chapters etc. should be sent in different doc files separately as attachments to the e-mails.DON'T SEND YOUR FULL MANUSCRIPT OR BOOK IN THE FIRST MAIL UNLESS THEY ASK FOR THE SAME.

So now you are done with mailing all the publishers ,you can sit back and relax until they revert you back.Remember most of the traditional Publishing houses take at least around 2/3 weeks to reply to your mail while sometimes they don't reply at all if you work is not accepted.And also remember rejection/rejections are never the assessment of your capacity/talent.If you are approaching traditional Publishing houses for your debut novel,you are bound to come across at least a few rejections no matter how much good your work is.The secret of being successful is,those should not stop you.

These all are for traditional Publishing proceedure which takes longer time and also full of rejections (it is not to demotivate you but to give you the real picture).You need to be very patient and full of confidence to get through this .If your book gets selected it can take three months to one year to get published depending on the Publishing house.

If you are not ready to wait that long and confident of your Writing and creation,you can opt for self-publishing (you pay the publishing house and they publish it and distribute it through Amazon, Flipkart etc.).This process is faster and can take maximum 2/3 months.The full royalty earned by the selling of book will be yours and the publishing cost will be paid by you .There are many self publishing houses now and you need to research well on that to find a reliable and suitable one for you.

That's all you need to know about the Publishing steps.

In my next blog I will discuss how to prepare -

  • Cover letter
  • Synopsis
  • Author Bio
Till now keep writing ,keep dreaming! 🖤


  1. Ma'am, it is impossible to find any publishers in my locality. Neither do I know any of the good publisher. Can you please, guide me about some publishers whom I can trust?
    I have some of my collections of unpublished novel. I honestly, want to publish them.

    Thank you mam

    Rohit (18 years' old)

    1. Hey.Which locality does not matter.
      Just search the good publishing houses of India.
      The whole communications will be over emails only.So no worries.
      Good luck! 😊

  2. Sristi Publishers
    Penguine Publishing House
    Rupa Publishing House
    Petals Publishers
    Etc. are few of the good publishing houses.
    Just a little bit of online searching will help you with this.

    1. This will be helpful 😊😊😊. Thank you mam!
      keep guiding us.


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