Top Indian Publishing Houses For Debut Authors

Getting published for the first time is more time-consuming than it seems to be.First of all,you have very less idea about the literary world and its separate rules or proceedure and secondly,you are too eager to get published so that your creation can reach out to the maximum audience who can live in your stories.So all of these can make you restless,but hold on!The best things will come on your way.

There are a lot of articles,blogs,videos etc. on the traditional publishing houses of India to give you various informations regarding this.And often you will end up getting confused instead of knowing what to do next!

As promised I have come up with the list of the top Indian Publishing Houses which you can consider approaching for publishing your debut novel (note that** this list is completely unbiased,based on my own experience and a little bit of research too).
And yes,before reading it make sure you are ready with the necessary things needed to send mails to the publishers.If you are yet to know about the details ,know it here-

So let's have a look at the list of publishing  houses of India for the debut authors!

1. Penguine India

2. Srishti Publishers

3. Rupa Publications

4. Harper Collins Publishers India

5. Leadstart Publishing House

6. Petals Publishers

7. Hachette India

8. Jaico Publishing House

9.  Penguine Random House

 You cannot approach Penguine Random house directly as they accept proposals through literary agents only which means you need to pay the agents first (paying doesn't assure you will get published,it just makes your proposal reach to the publishing team ).So,I won't recommend this one for the debut authors.

10. Westland Publishers

  You will need literary agents for this publishers also.

So here I have listed the main traditional Publishing houses of India which are open to accept publishing proposals from the would-be-debut-authors. These are purely traditional Publishing Houses and no payment needed in any step. Check the submission guidelines,types of genres they are open to publish etc. on their sites before proceeding further.Traditional Publishing takes time and also prepare yourself for the upcoming rejections if any and keep in your mind that REJECTIONS DON'T DETERMINE YOUR WORTH. Move forward towards the direction of your dream confidently.Success will be yours!

I will discuss the self-publishing proceedure in my next blog.Keep reading,sharing and dreaming.🖤


  1. This looks helpful.
    Thank you mam.
    Keep guiding us.

    Waiting for your next blog 🙏

    1. Thank you!
      If you want to know about any specific topic on this can mention too!

    2. Sure!

      Mam according to you, which mode is best for publishing?
      Self publishing or by publishers.

      We would like to know the difference between them. Which mode attracts more people.

      Thank you 🙏🙏🙏

    3. If your book is good and you can market it well,it really doesn't matter whether you baha self published or published by traditional publishing houses.
      Self publishing takes less time and full royalty yours.
      While traditional publishing doesn't cost you money and marketing done by them only.
      I will discuss in details in my next blog.

    4. Yes mam
      Waiting for you next blog.

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