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Traditional Publishing vs. Self Publishing : All you need to know about getting published

Writing is something which comes out of passion in the first place.You write for days and months without bothering about anything but going with the flow.And then the day comes,when you finish writing your first creation - be it novel or short stories or poems or poetry ...and that's the day you think of spreading your creation to the ones who can live in and cherish what you have created for days of your passion.Because only an author knows the taste of creative satisfaction he/she gets ,every time a reader lives through the pieces created and carved from the author's imagination or reality or both. When you decide to publish your first work,the first thing you need to do is have a clear idea about the whole proceedure,how it works,pros and cons etc. It's better to know all the details before you start working on it,than starting it without a clear conception. The good (and also bad ) news is that you have a lot of resources online to give you enough knowledge o