Traditional Publishing vs. Self Publishing : All you need to know about getting published

Writing is something which comes out of passion in the first place.You write for days and months without bothering about anything but going with the flow.And then the day comes,when you finish writing your first creation - be it novel or short stories or poems or poetry ...and that's the day you think of spreading your creation to the ones who can live in and cherish what you have created for days of your passion.Because only an author knows the taste of creative satisfaction he/she gets ,every time a reader lives through the pieces created and carved from the author's imagination or reality or both.

When you decide to publish your first work,the first thing you need to do is have a clear idea about the whole proceedure,how it works,pros and cons etc. It's better to know all the details before you start working on it,than starting it without a clear conception.

The good (and also bad ) news is that you have a lot of resources online to give you enough knowledge on this publishing proceedure .
The only negative side is -it is hard to decide what is right and what is not.

If you are going to publish your work for the first time and have come across this article after going through hundreds of other ones or this is the first one you are going to read, don't go anywhere else and just keep reading.You can be assured of knowing what to do and what not once you are done with reading this.
In last one year I have published three novels and have gone through various publishing proceedures to have enough experience to guide an would-be-author.
So I am just going to give you a very brief and important picture of - getting published for the first time.

So...coming to the point,there are two types of publishing.

1.  Traditional Publishing -
Here you don't need to invest anything.If the publishing house selects your work to publish they will take care of all the things and will offer you the royalty too (it can vary from 5% to 50% or more based on the publishing house.You must go through their guidelines before signing contract with them ).

2. Self Publishing -
You need to pay a certain amount to them to get your book published. This amount can be 8000 to 28000 or even more depending on the publishing house,the package you are selecting (like cover designing,proof-reading, marketing etc. ) etc.

The positive sides of Traditional Publishing are-

i.  A Traditional Publishing house will take care of the entire proceedure including promotion of your book in their own platform.
ii. Most of the traditional Publishing houses (not all) are good and popular enough to let you get started with your writing career in a good note.

iii. Starting from proof reading to cover designing all will be done by them so all you need to do is wait for your book to get launched!

There are no such negative sides apart from the two things you may face while choosing traditional Publishing -

i. The entire proceedure is quite long and lengthy (i.e. They may take upto six months to revert you back to your first mail only .And sometimes they don't revert you back at all if your work not selected.)

ii. Most of the traditional Publishing houses don't give you full royalty from your book sale.They give you a percentage of it which may be as low as 10% or 15% or even less . But there are Publishing houses providing higher royalties too.So this is not actually a disadvantage .

Now let's see the positive sides of self publishing-

i. The entire proceedure is fast (three weeks to three months maximum to get your book published and available everywhere).
ii. You get full royalty from the sales (at least in 90% of the self publishing houses).

There is no such negative points again.But there are a few facts to keep in mind while you decide to get self published-

i. Find a good,genuine self publishing house.As investment is involved ,you need to be sure about their rules, deliverables,contract ,reviews etc. before making any payment.
Most of the self publishing houses offer payment by installment .So never make the whole payment at first.

ii. Make sure of what services you may need from them (like cover design,proof reading etc.) as those will charge you extra .So if you don't need these services and are confident of your work,choose the plain package (they will only print and distribute your work) as this will save you a lot of money.

At the last,but not least,if you are confident of your work,it doesn't matter you self publish it or publish through traditional house.Once your book is in the market all depends on its content and marketing.
So be confident and choose the one which seems suitable for you.Wish you all the good luck for your writing journey!


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