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How to write a Book - 5 things to avoid

First of all,let me be honest...there is no such rulebook to follow for writing a novel.This blog will rather give you some ideas or ways if you feel stuck and can't get started. So,I have been receiving a lot of queries asking for this thing...there are many ones who love writing and want to create stories, write novels but somehow don't know from where to start. I hope by the end of this blog all of you can get started with the writing you were planning for long. 1. Don't stress over it If you want to write a book, that's very good.  Butdon't keep thinking and pushing yourself to write one. Our mind and brain work the best when it's relaxed and not stressed. So just relax! Take one or two days more to calm yourself down enough if needed. 2. Don't overthink It should not be like,you have to sit and think for hours while chewing your pen or tearing your hair to get ideas. Let your writing go with the flow. Mostly it comes from your imagin
The City Of Tunes- Not an Ordinary Story about Music: When it Comes to fiction,we love to experience something which we can't in real life. And then there are stories which take you to an imaginary journey which is as realistic as fictious it is.And that's the beauty of the is unreal yet real keeping you hooked and look for more. The City Of Tunes - It's a thriller fiction novel . It's one novel only and not part of any series. This novel is dark and also shining with hope and dreams like the silver lines. This is my third published novel and based on a completely different and new plot and storyline. I hope you all will  love this story and feel connected with it . A few quotes from the novel- The book is just released!And you can get it on Amazon,flipkart etc. Shop now here 👉  The City Of Tunes