How to write a Book - 5 things to avoid

First of all,let me be honest...there is no such rulebook to follow for writing a novel.This blog will rather give you some ideas or ways if you feel stuck and can't get started. So,I have been receiving a lot of queries asking for this thing...there are many ones who love writing and want to create stories, write novels but somehow don't know from where to start.
I hope by the end of this blog all of you can get started with the writing you were planning for long.

1. Don't stress over it
If you want to write a book, that's very good.  Butdon't keep thinking and pushing yourself to write one. Our mind and brain work the best when it's relaxed and not stressed. So just relax! Take one or two days more to calm yourself down enough if needed.

2. Don't overthink
It should not be like,you have to sit and think for hours while chewing your pen or tearing your hair to get ideas. Let your writing go with the flow. Mostly it comes from your imagination,it can be the dream you saw last night,it can be something memorable happened before a year or it can just be one of your random thoughts...just pen it down.Don't overthink..let it be natural.

3. Don't be so much conscious about the words/sentences /language etc. 
While you are just getting started don't bother about the words usage or sentence structure or language so much. If after writing every two /three words you need to recheck and rethink about it,the flow breaks.So just let it are not gonna print it into a book right just breathe and keep penning down as long as you want!

4. Stop thinking about making it a best seller 
Don't think about what will happen after you publish it. It is just the first step you have taken. And as you know, giving too much attention to what will happen in future spoils the present. So use your time wisely.

5. Don't stop!
This is the most important point. You can take break,even you can take break for a day or two or more if you feel like.
But make sure that remains as a 'break' only and not a 'fullstop' to your writing that you forget it for next one year. Once you start writing, never stop. Keep going and the rest will follow.

So...I tried to sum up a few points I felt to be important. I hope your journey to fulfill your dreams will be enjoyable to you...then only your readers will be able to enjoy your work!
Good luck! 


  1. The best way to write is to write what u have experienced.... Which you have to absorb from life... So one has to keep his eyes ears open and pen it down as fast as possible, then u would be able to give the minute details also.

  2. What is the synopsis for a novel?

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