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Upcoming novel!

Dear readers, So here comes some exciting announcement. I am sharing the very first look of my upcoming novel 'Don't Turn Off The Lights Tonight' . As you can guess from the title, this book is a collection of spine-chilling stories to keep you awake. The work is in progress and the date of Publishing will be announced. What you think of the cover? Does it give you chills? Don't forget to share what you think! And yes, the last and final part of 'If We Last' will get published too, soon! I will keep you updated. If you want me to write on specific genre/topic feel free to get in touch. You can read all my books on kindle too here . Stay safe and keep reading. Much love! ❣️

Book trailer out!

Hello readers! Hope you all are safe and doing good. So..this post is to announce that the book trailer of my latest novel 'The City of Tunes' is out now! You can watch it over YouTube here . You can get your copies of all my books from here . Stay home, stay safe and read more!  📚 And yes, hold on, more to come! :)