If We Last (After Crossing a Light-year)- A Best Seller in Thriller Fiction

A novel to change your known perceptions.
A story which is more real than being fiction.
A page-turner to make you question all you see and believe.
An emotional journey to give you hope even at the darkest times.
A best-seller in thriller fiction.
'If We Last (After Crossing a Light-year)'
Available worldwide on Amazon in both e-book and paperback formats.

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  1. I recently finished a book called If We Last If you read if you will feel love and fear at the same time it is a good book for you. The book was published in March 2018 by Education Publishing.

    The story revolves around two characters named Abispa and Rayansh. Abispa is a young girl who is a college student. His mother encourages him to apply for some jobs but tries she avoid this thing for a period of time. She is a very sweet girl, but she is not a damaged child. Celebrating every moment of the three lives. But this episode of happiness is certainly not permanent.

    Raishan is an engineer who is going through his own problems. He is unable to hold himself back after his girlfriend Mahika leaves him. She is unable to move and she starts to hurt herself so that she is able to forget the pain inside her.

    Abispa and Ryanash interact with each other on Facebook for the first time and within a few days they are able to meet each other in an adventurous place. They gradually increase their bonds but of course. While Reynolds was finding reasons to stay in peace and love again, Abispa found him to be a real man who began to like her.

    But these are not about this story. The story has an unknown stalker that causes a lot of problems in Abispa’s life. She experiences things that no one could have imagined. When she explains the incident to his friend, he too gets scared but in the end, he asks Abispa to check with a doctorthats why shocked Abispa.

    The story combines two different backgrounds in an environment that may be normal for everyone but it is not normal for them. As they get closer to each other, a lot of things happen that add more drama to their lives.
    But the story will continue in the next book so I look forward to reading it too. Overall it was a good read. .waiting for nes part

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