Writer's block- two simple rules can make you overcome a writer's block

One of mostly-discussed problems of writing is writer's block. In simple words, when a writer finds it hard to write anything, it's called a writer's block.

Why you get a writer's block?

The reasons can be many, starting from lack of motivation to just a mood swing.

How do you overcome a writer's block?

1. Never ever stress yourself-

 If you can't write for some time, be it one hour or one day, just don't stress yourself. Don't keep sitting in front of the blank page, wondering why can't you write. Because, the point is not 'why', but 'how', right? You need to get in the flow, and how you do it? Here are some handy tips for you-
a. Write a few lines or pages about your day.
b. Write about some happy memories of your life.
c. Search for 'writing prompts' on Google and go to images. Pick up any image and start describing it in your words.
d. Write about the last dream you saw.
e. Write about any of your favourite persons.

2. Take a break if needed-   

Remember, even if writing is your passion, you are not a machine. Maybe it is the time for you to take a break.
Who knows, when you come back to your writing desk, after a couple of days, you are just gonna start your master piece?! Ideas keep popping up in a relaxed mind indeed, and not a tensed one!

So, that's it! I hope you get some ideas from this article, to help yourself in writing. I have tried to keep it brief and to-the-point.

If you have any queries/if you want me to write on a specific topic, feel free to comment here.

Keep reading, keep fulfilling your dreams!


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