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How to Get Published in India

If you want to be an author, then writing a book is not enough. You need to know the details of getting published. You may find unlimited articles on getting published and too much information can overwhelm you in various ways. But let's not become so! Because, let me tell you, you have already done the toughest job- you wrote a book! Now, getting published can be a cakewalk if you follow these simple three steps! 1. Decide: Before you start hunting for a good publisher, make sure what exactly are you looking for- traditional or self publishing ? Once you set up your priority, it will be much easier for you to opt a good publishing house. 2. Make a list: Simply Google- traditional publishing houses of India or self publishing houses of India . Go to each of their websites and mail them your proposal to get published one by one. As simple as that! 3. Be ready for anything: Anything means anything, the publishing house which you thought to be the easiest catch may reject your work wh

Three Simple Steps to Write a Novel

So, you want to write a novel? Let me take a moment to congratulate you for taking the very first step to accomplish your dreams. What is that first step? Well, it is your will to get started. Now, as you are here with your wish of being an author, let me walk you through the simple process to become one. Let's start! 1. Don't get overwhelmed: Writing a novel- big deal, no? Yes and no at the same time. But, don't get overwhelmed thinking about the number of pages and word count. An author is a creative person. And trust me, the best of the ideas come when they are unplanned and your mind is free from calculating things. You don't need to wonder about the minute details, you don't need to calculate how many days it will take to finish a novel, you don't need to do any other thing but being sure that you want to write. And that is enough...and yes, you have already taken the first step! 2. Get Ideas: How do you get ideas? Your mind yields those. But what happens

Law of Attraction: How Can it Make Your Dreams Come True?

Have you ever had a dream? A fierce one- which you wanted so much beyond what you could express, but you didn't get? If yes, then you must read it till the end. If no, well, you must have some dreams to fulfil in your life, and again this is for you! I am going to talk about law of attraction, straight to the point! I have got to explore this beautiful thing over the years and here I will say you how to make your dreams turn into real in the simplest words possible. What is Law of Attraction? I promised to keep it simple and so I will describe law of attraction as- you attract what you believe or focus on.  It is a pseudoscience or thought philosophy which actually works! If your thoughts are positive, the universe will give you positive results. If your thoughts are negative, they will yield negative results. Your thoughts...they are more powerful than what you could think of! Your thoughts are made up of energy and frequencies which are capable of interacting with the universe wi