How to Get Published in India

If you want to be an author, then writing a book is not enough. You need to know the details of getting published. You may find unlimited articles on getting published and too much information can overwhelm you in various ways. But let's not become so! Because, let me tell you, you have already done the toughest job- you wrote a book! Now, getting published can be a cakewalk if you follow these simple three steps!

1. Decide: Before you start hunting for a good publisher, make sure what exactly are you looking for- traditional or self publishing? Once you set up your priority, it will be much easier for you to opt a good publishing house.
2. Make a list: Simply Google- traditional publishing houses of India or self publishing houses of India. Go to each of their websites and mail them your proposal to get published one by one. As simple as that!
3. Be ready for anything: Anything means anything, the publishing house which you thought to be the easiest catch may reject your work while the most unexpected one may like your manuscript. So be ready to embrace rejection as much as you are ready to embrace success!

That's it! All the best! 


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