Law of Attraction: How Can it Make Your Dreams Come True?

Have you ever had a dream? A fierce one- which you wanted so much beyond what you could express, but you didn't get? If yes, then you must read it till the end. If no, well, you must have some dreams to fulfil in your life, and again this is for you!
I am going to talk about law of attraction, straight to the point! I have got to explore this beautiful thing over the years and here I will say you how to make your dreams turn into real in the simplest words possible.

What is Law of Attraction?

I promised to keep it simple and so I will describe law of attraction as- you attract what you believe or focus on. 
It is a pseudoscience or thought philosophy which actually works! If your thoughts are positive, the universe will give you positive results. If your thoughts are negative, they will yield negative results. Your thoughts...they are more powerful than what you could think of! Your thoughts are made up of energy and frequencies which are capable of interacting with the universe without letting you know. If you radiate a positive vibe, the universe will reflect it back to you. We all are parts of the universe and your thoughts are deeply entangled with it and what's going to happen in your life.
There are a lot of laws of attraction, but here I will say you the simplest four steps to harness its infinite power to make your dreams come true!
  • Relax. Calm down and let your nerves and thoughts calm down. Let your anxiety, fear, and insecurity evaporate into the thin air. Nothing lasts forever and you are here now. That's what matters. Stop chasing anything you have been doing so far. Stop. And let it be. You don't chase your dreams, you attract them...and it is the first step to do that.
  • Keep yourself super positive irrespective of the situation. It is easy to say but can be very tough to do at times. But trust me, it is an art to master, which will never disappoint you in your life. Always remember a rule of thumb- negative thoughts will give you negative things in life and you don't want that. So think positive always.
  • Believe that you deserve what you dream of. Believing and being confident that you are going to get it are what will actually turn your dreams into reality. If your belief is not strong enough, if you have doubt that you will not be able to get there, then you have already lost the game. But you want to win, don't you? So, believe in your dreams and capability so much that nothing in the world can change that. 
  • Feel your dreams. Who said you can only feel something when it happens to you? Often you feel it first and then it happens. Remember, this is different than daydreaming. Daydreaming is wasting your time in many ways, but here you are manifesting your dreams. So feel how it will be like when your dreams will come true? Dive deep in that feeling and make sure there is not even a single bubble of self-doubt or fear, or else it will spoil the whole process. 
A very important point to remember, these four steps are effective when you do these parallel to your work. Law of attraction gives you a glimpse of  how the universe works in your favor in mysterious ways. It is not a magic. You can't sit idle and expect to get results. You must work to reach your goals and along with that you should master the above four steps. 
Remember, you are attracting your dreams through your positive thoughts and work and the universe is bound to give you what you have been seeking. Once again, you don't chase your dreams, because you know your dreams will chase and find you. Don't you?


  1. Fabulous.. I am glad I read this.. I am going to implement this. Thank you so much for the valuable inputs.

    1. So glad to know. Definitely your dreams will come true. 😊

  2. Didn't expect such a wise advice, this will be very useful for my entire life 👍

    - Shivam Rathore

  3. Didn't expect such a wise advice, this will be very useful for my entire life 👍

    - Shivam Rathore


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