Three Simple Steps to Write a Novel

So, you want to write a novel? Let me take a moment to congratulate you for taking the very first step to accomplish your dreams. What is that first step? Well, it is your will to get started. Now, as you are here with your wish of being an author, let me walk you through the simple process to become one. Let's start!

1. Don't get overwhelmed: Writing a novel- big deal, no? Yes and no at the same time. But, don't get overwhelmed thinking about the number of pages and word count. An author is a creative person. And trust me, the best of the ideas come when they are unplanned and your mind is free from calculating things. You don't need to wonder about the minute details, you don't need to calculate how many days it will take to finish a novel, you don't need to do any other thing but being sure that you want to write. And that is enough...and yes, you have already taken the first step!
2. Get Ideas: How do you get ideas? Your mind yields those. But what happens when it doesn't? Do you force or stress it? No. Instead you can do any of the following things-
a. Read. Yes, if you can't write then read. Keep reading until you feel the urge of taking your pen and paper and letting your creativity flow.
b. Write about your memorable day. You can give fictional character names to get in the flow.
c. Google search 'writing prompts' and select images; also, keep a pen & paper ready. Who knows it will be just the prologue of a masterpiece written by you?!
d. write down about the last dream you can remember. And then imagine you are in that dream again with the steering in your hands, how will you lead the story? Come on! You are a creative person!
e. Not in a mood to do any of the things? No worries, skip them and do whatever you feel like. Writing is a creative thing, and you just can't force creativity. So, take a few days or even few weeks if needed. No hurrying, okay?
3. Be Consistent: Once you start writing, don't let it get faded and forgotten by your busy schedule. You may take breaks as much as you want, but don't abandon it. 

So, that's it! I hope this article will help you in writing. Don't forget to share your thoughts in the comments. Much love!


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