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How to Publish a Book in India for Free?

Publishing a book for free- dream of every budding author, no? I too had this dream before three years and I was clueless. I just finished writing a book, and didn't know how to publish it without making a hole in my pocket. So, I researched, and researched. Today, I have four best-selling novels published under my name. Well well, no self-promotion again! What I mean is, the path was not easy. There were so many blogs and articles, but the truth is- none were helpful. It's easy to list out 10 publishing houses of India or so, but that's not enough. Hold on, I am going to say you what no one will, because I have done my own research for months to come up with the most effective tips to get published for free in India. Have a look- Make your Book Fully Ready: Yes, I know you have already written and most probably proof-read your book as well. But, that is not enough. Have you polished your book up fully, or, better to say, is your book marketable? If not, just take a quick l