How to Publish a Book in India for Free?

Publishing a book for free- dream of every budding author, no? I too had this dream before three years and I was clueless. I just finished writing a book, and didn't know how to publish it without making a hole in my pocket. So, I researched, and researched. Today, I have four best-selling novels published under my name. Well well, no self-promotion again! What I mean is, the path was not easy. There were so many blogs and articles, but the truth is- none were helpful.
It's easy to list out 10 publishing houses of India or so, but that's not enough. Hold on, I am going to say you what no one will, because I have done my own research for months to come up with the most effective tips to get published for free in India.

Have a look-

Make your Book Fully Ready:

Yes, I know you have already written and most probably proof-read your book as well. But, that is not enough. Have you polished your book up fully, or, better to say, is your book marketable? If not, just take a quick look at the checklist-
a. Get it proof-read once again by anyone apart from yourself. You are too close to your own work and no matter how many times you proof-read it, there will always be some loophole. Don't take a chance, poorly edited book doesn't stand a chance to become a best-seller no matter how amazing the content is!
b. Eye-catching Cover- get it for your book and no need to spend any money. There are plenty of sites like Canva, Pixlr, and for images- Pixabay or just Google- Copyright free images. You know the content of your book and you can do the justice by making a beautiful cover! Once again, if you are waiting for a traditional publishing house to accept your manuscript, and then make cover, edit your book etc., then don't! Those days are gone, polish up your book as much you can. You can simply take help of your friends or known ones who are good at graphics if you don't want to do by yourself. Checked!✔️ Next point-
c. Build a fanbase! No, you don't need photographers, or exclusive props or background, just share a few thoughts or catchy quotes from your book, present those with picture and be regular with your posts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Wattpad, LinkedIn, etc... utilize the social media as much you can and don't leave any platform! It will be best if you don't wait for your book to be finished and start doing it parallel to your writing. Done? Next-
d. Make a book trailer! Don't get shocked! It is simple and easy. I don't even need to say you how to make it, just take a look at this one, book trailer- If We Last.

It is one of the reasons why my debut novel became a best-seller. Make it simple and interesting. Search on app store-  trailer maker. Simple, no?

Let's tell you something interesting now, if you are done with the above four steps, you are ahead of at least 60% budding authors who are struggling to get published!

Now it's time to get more empowered-
More than 95% new manuscripts get rejected yearly worldwide! And it is probable that yours too will be no matter how good it is- wait, it is not to demotivate you, but as promised, I will say you what no one else will! Hold on- you will be surprised to know how the literary industry changed drastically over the last few years, not only in India, but globally. If you think the equation is,
Excellent content=getting published for free
then you are wrong! It's never so. The literary industry has got quite saturated, and let me put it straight- they are more interested in publishing old wine in a new bottle if it comes from Priyanka Chopra, Twinkle Khanna, or some well-known persons (take no offense please, remember, being honest was the first condition while writing this blog?). So, more or less, every publishing house is focused to look after their revenues and they almost have no time to invest their time, money and effort to give birth a new outstanding author out of the lakhs of budding ones. The only way out- build your own path! No, I am not talking about self publishing, spending 40/50 thousand is not that easy for everyone, especially when the success is not guaranteed. To be honest, most of the self-publishing houses care about don't wanna fall in that trap, keep it safe for something more useful. 

So, here I have chalked out some interesting strategy-

Publish your book on Kindle. Oh, you already know it & got disappointed? But what follows, you don't know, I bet! Read on... :) 
  • Set up your book for pre-order on Kindle in both paperback and e-book formats (paperbck only for international readers).
  • Promote your book on your social accounts, arrange giveaway, run campaigns, write blogs talking about your book, exchange book purchase or reviews on multiple book review groups- do all these before your book release. And you will be surprised to see how your book ranks in top 10, if not, top 50 for sure. Good start, no? One small tips- try to choose the category where it is easy to rank and which also fits your book theme (secret- no author will talk about it!). For instance, if you have a inspiring poetry book, don't list in motivational category, list it in body & mind healing category or so on.
  • Once your book releases, don't stop promoting. Keep it on. Also, gather reviews and ratings as much you can. Please don't pay any third party for bulk reviews, I am not saying they are fake, but it is not beneficial at all to spend even before you start earning royalties. Follow these steps to get Free Verified Reviews- Enroll on KDP Select (it lets you have double royalty as well), run a free promotion (you can run for maximum 5 days in total, so spend wisely), during free promotion your book cost becomes 0, so whoever purchases it with 0 rupees (I mean gets it for free), becomes a verified buyer. In this way you can get hundreds of verified reviews for free! Most importantly, it complies with Amazon rules. A total win-win!
  • Get your circle talk about your book on the forums like Quora, different social groups, etc. 
  • Collaborate with bloggers to let them write about your books and work, simply put, increase your digital visibility.
You're done! This strategy is full-proof and works! Once your book stays in top, approach publishers, this time they need you as much as you need them...because you have what they look for. 

In my next blog I will talk about more strategies. But one thing you must need- confidence & patience. Rest will follow! Good luck! 


  1. I can not believe you dropped that strategy bomb for free. This is absolutely incredible for all the new authors who have potential but are lacking resources. Do check out Think To Share to learn how to increase your web visibility without being on your laptop all day every day.
    Waiting to read more from you!

    1. Hi, Sukanya, glad to know! & sure will visit it. Stay in touch.

  2. That was a powerful value bomb. Self-publishing and cost effective strategies work wonders for new authors. We at Orange Publishers believe in empowering every person who has the potential of writing.

  3. Ishita, this is really helpful. <3

  4. This is so valuable for so many aspiring writers. I was always underconfident about sharing my work. Shubhra Mohanty, feminist motivational speaker changed my life. I published my first blog because of her. Check out her Believer's tribe if you are reading my comment and you are unsure about your potential. Time kick the Imposter Syndrome out of your system.

  5. Wow, that was so informative, thank god I know you Ishita. Loads of love and blessings 💜

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