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Top Traditional Publishing Houses in India

Hey there! So, you are a future best-selling author?  No, I am not sugar-coating to keep you hooked to this blog, but being super optimistic. Isn't it one of the ways to succeed in life? Bang on! So, I am here to present you with the top publishing houses of India! These publishing houses will let you publish your book without charging you anything! Yes, because these are the traditional publishing houses. Now, what's a traditional publishing house? Simply put- a traditional publishing house publishes and most probably promotes your book without taking a single penny from you. Of course it has some interest too, and that is to take a share from your royalty. Now how much is the share, depends entirely on the publishing house. It can be 5% to even 80%, but don't worry that shouldn't be an obstacle to your writing career! So, before we start let me give you a few tips as you are going to need those really soon- Never ever send full manuscript to anywhere Before you submit

Everything about my Debut Novel

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