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How to Write a Best-seller?

So, this is most probably one of the most searched topics by the budding authors. And I am glad that your search has led you here, because here I will share with you all the tips I could gather in months while publishing my debut novel 'If We Last' (A best-seller in thriller fiction), and that too in a single blog! Well, let's get started without wasting any time! The first step is to ask this question- What Makes a Book Best-seller? Well, many people say that the choice of different people varies and it's true. Some love romance novels with happy endings while some are fan of thriller, while some prefer comedy, but how to cater to all their preferences? The answer comes here- there are some unique elements that every best-seller novel has and if your book too has those, it is bound to become a best-seller! 1. Polished & Proofread Content Trust me or not, I have closely observed the best-sellers as well as overhyped books over a period of time and found that this is