How to Write a Best-seller?

So, this is most probably one of the most searched topics by the budding authors. And I am glad that your search has led you here, because here I will share with you all the tips I could gather in months while publishing my debut novel 'If We Last' (A best-seller in thriller fiction), and that too in a single blog! Well, let's get started without wasting any time!

The first step is to ask this question-

What Makes a Book Best-seller?

Well, many people say that the choice of different people varies and it's true. Some love romance novels with happy endings while some are fan of thriller, while some prefer comedy, but how to cater to all their preferences? The answer comes here- there are some unique elements that every best-seller novel has and if your book too has those, it is bound to become a best-seller!

1. Polished & Proofread Content

Trust me or not, I have closely observed the best-sellers as well as overhyped books over a period of time and found that this is a must-have criteria for all of them! You can keep a medium book that is excellently proofread on one side and another book that is better from all aspects but poorly proofread on another. 

And I can bet that the first one is going to win the game. If you are new to this field, then keep it in your mind that your book must be proofread before you can even think of putting it in the market. And it is a must-have and basic ingredient to make a best-selling book.

2. Realistic Characters

I have read many books with good potential but poor character build ups that destroyed all the possibilities the books could have explored. Imagine, reading a book with characters that don't seem real at all. Will you continue reading it? 

If the readers are not able to connect with the characters then no matter how good the plot or storyline is, soon it will lose its appeal. You must be thinking, fictitious characters fit fictions well. But, don't. Here's what makes it tricky- readers want realistic characters in every fiction. Take it as a paradox, the more real the characters are, the more it justifies the fiction element. So, fiction or non-fiction, your characters MUST NOT seem sketchy or unreal!

3. Unique Plot

If your book has this (along with the first two points checked), then nothing can stop your book from being a best-seller! 

This is quite self-explanatory, so I will keep it short. Just note that- readers are tired of 'old wine in a new bottle' kind of books and uniqueness is no less than a magnet to draw the readers to your book.

4. Suspense

No, it's not mandatory that your book has to be of suspense/thriller genre but there must be some element of suspense irrespective of the genre. 

That is what keeps the readers glued to your book. Remember, buying your book seeing the hype is one thing and turning each of them to a happy reader and making them recommend your book to others is another thing. And this is the element that helps you achieve that for sure!

5. Marketing

Let me tell you one truth, there are many books that fit all the above-mentioned criteria but hardly sold more than a few copies. Why? Because of marketing. The logic is simple, no matter how good and perfect a book is, how will anyone get to know about it, if it's not marketed properly? Let me be honest here- if the quality of a book contributes 40% in making a best-seller, then marketing holds the rest part. Yes, it's 40-60. There are plenty of examples where marketing has done wonders to very very average books and successfully made them best-sellers. 

I won't name any, because you must have come across many such over-hyped books. However, on the upside, marketing is an art and you must unleash its full potential to create a best-seller. I will try to do a separate blog on how I marketed my debut novel that sold more than 3000 copies in three weeks of release.

And that's it! Now all you need to do is start writing if you are yet to do it or, prepare your masterpiece for being a best-seller soon! Good luck, and don't forget to comment how it went, or any other topic you want me to explore!


  1. order of books I am impressed. I don't think Ive met anyone who knows as much about this subject as you do. You are truly well informed and very intelligent. You wrote something that people could understand and made the subject intriguing for everyone. Really, great blog you have got here.

    1. Thank you. Glad to know that it's helpful 😊


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